In the modern world, dental implantation is gaining in popularity. If before we heard about dental implants only from American films and news, then today it becomes quite accessible procedure and alternative dentures. In fact, the implant is the basis for a future prosthesis or crown. Often this concept is confused with the pin. The main difference of the pin from the implant is that the pin is screwed into the root of the destroyed tooth, and the implant is when the tooth is completely absent along with the root.

How is the implantation of the tooth?

Implantation is another technology of tooth restoration with surgical intervention. The procedure implies implantation of an artificial implant into the bone tissue. It is a self-tapping screw made from titanium, which is screwed into the place of the missing tooth.

Implantation of teeth consists of three main processes.

Implantation of teeth stages:

  1. implant engraftment;
  2. the installation of the supra-lateral structure;
  3. Orthopedic design (crowns).

For starters, an osteointegration procedure is performed – the engraftment of the implant itself. The titanium “samorez” is screwed into the bone tissue of the jaw into the root of the tooth, which is absent. In order for the implant to take root and become fixed, the patient will need about 6 months, some may be enough and 3-4 months. The process of survival is individual and completely depends on the patient’s body.

There is an opinion that implants often do not take root and are rejected by the human body. This is just a myth, modern technology develops designs that in 98% of cases successfully adapt to human bone tissue.

The next step will be the fixation of the intermediate element, which in medicine is called the abutment. It performs the connective function between the implant and the future prosthesis.

And only after the first two stages on the implant is installed a prosthesis or crown, the principle of which is not very different when prosthetics of teeth.


The choice of the implant is completely dependent on the clinical situation of the specific client and the characteristics of the bone tissue.

Advantages of implantation of teeth

Very often the patient faces the problem of choosing – to put a denture or to make an implant. Of course, there are several main factors that determine the patient’s definition:

The price of the procedure – implantation of teeth exceeds the cost of prosthetics;

Depending on the number of teeth that are subject to recovery. If it is necessary to restore only one tooth, then depulpation and grinding of adjacent teeth does not make sense;

Other medical indications.

If there are no contraindications, then implantation is the most correct solution, as this is a more reliable technology of prosthetics.

The main advantages of implantation:

  • Crowns mounted on the implant are not loosened, in contrast to bridge prostheses;
  • Under the crowns no food will fall;
  • Qualitative implants can last a lifetime for the patient, while bridges must be replaced every 10 years;
  • Teeth that are near the subject to be implanted do not require the removal of nerves, thereby remaining healthy;
  • An excellent alternative to removable dentures that risk falling out or can cause a gag reflex in a patient.


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It should be noted that implantation of teeth should be conducted under the clear guidance of an orthopedic dentist together with a surgeon and an implantologist.

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