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0 19.09.2016

Gulyuk Sergey

Specialist in surgery and orthopedics, Master of Medicine. Dentist-surgeon of the highest category, 1st category dental orthopedic specialist, the chief physician of the Galsi Medical Center LLC, member of the Ukrainian Dental Association, member of the Ukrainian Association of Implantology, member of the private dentist of Ukraine. 2001 - graduated with honors from Odessa State Medical University with a degree in Dentistry and qualified as a dentist. From 2001 to 2005 - he worked as the head of the dental department of the children's Clinical sanatorium "Hadzhibey". He passed the specialization "Pediatric Dentistry". He passed the specialization "Orthopedic Dentistry". He passed the specialization "Surgical Dentistry". He passed the specialization "Organization and management of health protection". 2008 - founded and headed the author's family dentistry GALSI. 2010 - became a member of the association of implantologists in Ukraine, and later the head of the board of implantologists of Ukraine in the Odessa region. Took part in the course "Alveolar ridge reconstruction with autogenous bone blocks". Quintessence of periodontology and implantology, Vilnius. Attended the second meeting of СEREC / InLab club of the CIS in Ukraine. - Digital dentistry from Sirona, 3D diagnostics, analysis, planning, manufacturing templates. Took part in the International Educational Conference on Implantology and Aesthetic Dentistry "Complicated aesthetic protocols of implant treatment". 2015 - Passed practice at the clinic Dr. Mauro Fradeani, Pesaro. 2015 - Passed training training on implantological system B & B Dental Dr. Banzi Claudio, Bologna 2016 - took part in the symposium of young scientists on the issues of dental implantation and periodontology at the jubilee conference "Myron Ugrin zbiraє druziv!", In Lviv. Took part in the course "Elimination of intraosseous defects with the help of targeted tissue and bone regeneration", Kiev Participated in the international symposium "The Quintessence of Aesthetic Dentistry. High aesthetic result in difficult clinical cases. Prevention and elimination of complications", Moscow 2016 - Is a full member of the Club of Implantology of Ukraine. 2016 - Took part in the XV meeting of the Club of implantologists of Ukraine, Odessa. 2016 - Passed the course "Osteopathy in Dentistry", Pr. Antonio Gonzalez Fernandez, Kiev Successfully completed the course "Concepts of robots with soft tissues of all types: biologic methods of transplantation", Kiev. 2016 - "Нands - on course: Techniques & management of a single tooth implant in the esthetic zone", Dr. Inaki Gamborena, San Sebastian, Spain. Took part in the International Orthopedic Congress of Dentists and Dental Technicians, LABFORUM Took part in the master class "Interconnection of skin tone, facets of stertos, ceramics and relapses of orthodontic results", Kharkiv. Participates in the course: "Solving occlusal problems with the help of the facial arc and articulator in the daily work of the clinic and laboratory", Kiev 2017 - Conducts the course "Prosthetics on implants. Soft tissue modeling at the stage of prosthetics" 2017 - Participant of the discussion club "Quintescenia", Odessa Attended a seminar on the topic: "Sinus lifting. Immediate load", Kiev Passed practical skills for the diagnosis of occlusion using the TEETHAN system 2017 - Studied at Masahiro Kuwata College, Tokyo, Japan Successfully completed the course "Methods Rebilling All-on-4. Export Forum". 2017 - Passed the course "The ultimate course on PRF technique" Joseph Choukroun. He passed a practical course on the topic: "Occlusal - functional rehabilitation", Stanislav Blum, Kiev Took part in the non-profit club of dentists of Ukraine, Odessa 2018 - Trained: "Temporo-Mandibular Joint Disorders and Treatment Program", Istambul, Prof.Dr.Hakan Akin, Prof.Dr.H.Guney Yilmaz He is the co-author of the book "The Basics of Dental Implantation" and the textbook "Dental Implantation", the author of many printed dental publications. Annually attends international dental exhibitions. He takes an active part in dental conferences, congresses and seminars. Assistant of the Department of General Dentistry. The author of scientific work "Myofascial pain syndrome" Since 2009, he has been successfully engaged in the treatment of neuromuscular dysfunction and diseases of the TMJ using the night splint. He is the moderator of B & B dental for dental implantation. Regularly holds seminars and workshops on the following topics:

  • Prosthetics on implants. Soft tissue modeling at the stage of prosthetics.
  • Basic course in implantology and orthopedics.
  • All about dental multi-units.

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0 19.09.2016

Gulyuk Irina

Gulyuk Irina Garievna - dentist of the highest category, dentist-orthodontist of the first category, member of the of Ukraine Orthodontists Association. In 2001 graduated from Odessa State Medical University (now Odessa National Medical University) with a degree in Dentistry.

  • Member of international specialized congresses and forums
  • Was trained in the Korean School of Orthodontics in Seoul
  • Certified trainer for myofunctional and respiratory therapy
  • She studied at the First Ukrainian Body Therapy School, School of Rehabilitology, spanish Antonio Gonzalez School of Osteopathy
  • Certified Craniosacral Therapist
  • Has been trained in the use of plasma therapy in dentistry
  • Certified aesthetic dentist
  • Was trained at the Vienna Institute for Functional and Interdisciplinary Dentistry
  • Specializes in the treatment of dysfunctions of the TMJ and myofascial pain syndrome in orthodontic treatment.

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0 19.09.2016

Gulyuk Anatoly

Gulyuk Anatoly Georgievich - dentist, surgeon of the highest category, doctor of medical sciences, professor. Graduated from the dental faculty of the N. I. Pirogov Odessa Medical Institute in 1980. In the same year he entered the clinical residency at the department of surgical dentistry of the N. I. Pirogov Odessa Medical Institute. After graduating from clinical internship in surgical dentistry, he entered graduate school at the same department, which he graduated in 1986. In the same year he wrote his thesis in dentistry and pathological physiology on the topic: “Prognosis and prevention of early postoperative complications of uranoplasty under the guidance of professors Semechenko and Barabash. After the graduate school he worked as an assistant in the department of surgical dentistry of the N. I. Pirogov Odessa Medical Institute. In 1995 he received the title of associate professor of surgical dentistry. Since 1998, he became head of the department of surgical dentistry at the Odessa National Medical University. He is the author of 180 publications, 2 monographs, 12 patents. Under the leadership of Anatoly Georgievich defended 13 PhD theses. Anatoliy Georgiyevich Gulyuk is a member of a specialized council for the defense of a doctoral dissertation at a state institution of the Institute of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. He is the chief researcher of this institute. He is also a representative of the problem commission of dentistry of the Odessa National Medical University, member of the Ukrainian Dental Association, member of the cranio-maxillo-facial surgeons of Ukraine, member of the Ukrainian Dental Association. Activities: - surgical removal of congenital clefts of the upper lip and palate; - elimination of defects and deformities in the maxillofacial region; - performs all types of dental implantation and auxiliary osteoplastic operations. Awards and medals:

  • “For conscientious work” (09/20/2000)
  •  Award of the Association of Dentists of Ukraine "For Merits" (21.02.2005)
  •  Honorary award "Rescue Hero" (12/14/2007)
  •  Order “For active citizenship, humanity, mercy ...” (08.16.2007)
  •  Order "For an active civil position, humanity, mercy ..." (12.14.2008)
  •  Breastplate "Liquidator" (12.14.2008)
  •  Breastplate "For courage. Chernobyl 1986" (06.15.2008)
  •  Breastplate "For courage. To the veteran of Chernobyl - Glory" (04.26.2008)
  •  Breastplate "For courage. To the veteran of Chernobyl - Glory" (08.16.2008)
  •  Order "For Heroism and Courage" (12.14.2009)
  •  Badge "For an active social position, humanity, mercy ..." (09.15.2009)
  •  Medal "For active citizenship, humanity, mercy ..." (03.10.2009)
  •  The difference "25 years of heroic deed" (04.26.2011)
  •  Order of St. George the Victorious (UOC) (2012)
  •  Badge of national honor "Hero of Chernobyl" (26.04.2012)
  •  Honorary badge of the Odessa mayor "badge of honor" (03.13.2013)
  •  Order "For loyalty to the oath" (2014)
  •  Order “Unity and Will” (2014)
  •  Order “Staff of Asclepius” (2015)
  •  Order of St. George (2015)

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0 19.09.2016

Gulyuk Lydia

Dentist therapist of the highest category

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0 19.09.2016

Chechetova Anna Alexandrovna

In dentistry since 2008, periodontal practice since 2011. 07.01.2011 - Course on the basics of prevention in periodontology. Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the oral mucosa Trainer: Ivalkina N. 09.10.2011 - Seminar "Modern methods of professional teeth whitening". Organizer: Opflescense 11.17.2011 - Participation in the training program. Education Center "Dent Light". Theme: Professional hygiene and paradont diseases. Lecturer: N. Savchuk 21-22.11.2014 - Workshop with practical training at the Institute of Dentistry of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. Theme: Diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases. Modern methods of examination. Periimplantitis, causes of implant disintegration. Methods for removing periodontal pockets. Lecturers: Schneider S. A., M. D., Associate Professor, Head of the Department of General Dentistry of Odessa National Medical University,  Director of the Institute of Dentistry of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Odessa. Chumakova Yu. G., M. D., professor, head of the department of periodontal diseases of Institute of Dentistry NAMS of Ukraine, Odessa. Member of the Dentists Association of Ukraine, Secretary General of the Association of Periodontologists of Ukraine, Vice President of the Laser Dentistry Association of Ukraine. 02.21.2016 - completed course of first immediate life support. Head of the center training - Karpenko N. April 14-15, 2016 - Participated in a scientific and technical conference with international participation. Theme: "Generalized periodontitis: from prognosis to tissue regeneration." Support:  P. L. Schukin National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. Heads: Rector - Academician of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Professor V. Voronenko and President of the VGO Association of Periodontology Doctors of Ukraine, Professor G. F. Beloklitskaya. 09.28.2018 - A program of practical training on hyalouran acid in dentistry: from molecular biology to clinical use. Reader: Professor Yu. V. Chumakova. Training Center: Pere Stom.

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0 19.09.2016

Lupan Svetlana

Dental therapist of the highest category, with work experience of more than 30 years. Certified specialist of craniosacral therapy. 1996 - Participated in the seminar "Teeth restoration of teeth with Dentsply materials”, Poltava. 1996 - Took part in the seminar "Pin technology during restoration of full or partial loss of a tooth with Edenta materials”, Promed. 2002 - Took part in the seminar "The use of new materials for the teeth restoration" 2003 - Took part in the seminar "Modern technologies and practical training in practical dentistry”, Medvin. 2003 - Attended the seminar "Glass-cement: who is who?", Crystal. 2003 - Took part in the seminar "Endodontics of the XXI Century", Crystal. 2004 - Attended the seminar "Aesthetic restorations: science and art. Aesthetic restoration and strengthening of teeth after endodontic treatment", Crystal. 2004 - Took part in the seminar "Biomechanics in Dentistry", Poltava. 2004 - Attended the seminar "Operational Techniques for the Restoration of the Chewing Group of Teeth by Direct and Indirect Restorations", "Conservative Dentistry of Modern Materials", Espertise. 2005 - Took part in the seminar "Adhesive bridges", Dent Art. 2006 - Attended the seminar "Methods of Stratification of Dr. Lorenzo Vanini". 2007 - Participation in the seminar "Restoration of endodontically treated teeth", Poltava. 2008 - Attended the seminar "The anathological aspects of dentistry" Dent Art. 2009 - Participation in the seminar “Restoration of the root of the tooth”, Poltava Dentsplay. 2012 - Took part in the International Spring Seminar "Chewing organ: state, diagnosis, rehabilitation", Poltava. 2017 - Took part in an individual modular master class "Fundamentals of the concept diagnostics and planning orthopedic reabilitations for urachuvannyam sudasnogo holisticheskogo pidkho", Maximus. 2019 - Attended the "Basic Course in Implantology and Orthopedics", training center B&B, Odessa.

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