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Lupan Svetlana

Dental therapist of the highest category, with work experience of more than 30 years. Certified specialist of craniosacral therapy.

1996 – Participated in the seminar “Teeth restoration of teeth with Dentsply materials”, Poltava.

1996 – Took part in the seminar “Pin technology during restoration of full or partial loss of a tooth with Edenta materials”, Promed.

2002 – Took part in the seminar “The use of new materials for the teeth restoration”

2003 – Took part in the seminar “Modern technologies and practical training in practical dentistry”, Medvin.

2003 – Attended the seminar “Glass-cement: who is who?”, Crystal.

2003 – Took part in the seminar “Endodontics of the XXI Century”, Crystal.

2004 – Attended the seminar “Aesthetic restorations: science and art. Aesthetic restoration and strengthening of teeth after endodontic treatment”, Crystal.

2004 – Took part in the seminar “Biomechanics in Dentistry”, Poltava.

2004 – Attended the seminar “Operational Techniques for the Restoration of the Chewing Group of Teeth by Direct and Indirect Restorations”, “Conservative Dentistry of Modern Materials”, Espertise.

2005 – Took part in the seminar “Adhesive bridges”, Dent Art.

2006 – Attended the seminar “Methods of Stratification of Dr. Lorenzo Vanini”.

2007 – Participation in the seminar “Restoration of endodontically treated teeth”, Poltava.

2008 – Attended the seminar “The anathological aspects of dentistry” Dent Art.

2009 – Participation in the seminar “Restoration of the root of the tooth”, Poltava Dentsplay.

2012 – Took part in the International Spring Seminar “Chewing organ: state, diagnosis, rehabilitation”, Poltava.

2017 – Took part in an individual modular master class “Fundamentals of the concept diagnostics and planning orthopedic reabilitations for urachuvannyam sudasnogo holisticheskogo pidkho”, Maximus.

2019 – Attended the “Basic Course in Implantology and Orthopedics”, training center B&B, Odessa.