In the mouth cavity of every person live billions of different bacteria. Their active reproduction can cause some serious teeth or/and gum diseases. To prevent it, you must constantly follow the rules of oral and dental hygiene. Regular tooth brushing, rinsing of oral cavity with antimicrobial drugs and the use of dental floss helps stop bacteria from multiplying and maintain healthy smile. It is also necessary to adhere to certain diets, with minimum of sweet and sour food.

You should regularly brush your teeth, at least twice a day. The size and shape of your toothbrush should meet your requirements. The use of fluoride-containing antimicrobial toothpaste helps protect teeth from the plaque and its transformation into caries. Also you should use dental floss at least once a day, because it is important for preventing gum disease.

Professional tooth whitening

Teeth whitening can be carried out at a GALSI medical center, or at home. In both cases, drugs based on hydrogen peroxide are used (from 3% to 20% for home remedies and from 15% to 43% for professional dental drugs). To whiten teeth at home, it is necessary to make several visits to the dentist. First you need to take a picture of your teeth and make a mouthguard according to it. With the help of mouthguard you can restore the whiteness of your teeth within 2-4 weeks.

In dental clinics, this procedure can be performed using different methodics, however, the newest, fastest, and safest method is a Beyond light bleaching system. Unlike other methods of light bleaching that use ultraviolet, which can damage the mucous membranes, halogen lamps with a soft, white light are installed in the Beyond system.

Thanks to modern technologies and special cleansing gels, bleaching with the Beyond system takes only half an hour, which, compared to other methods that require one to two hours to prepare and conduct, is quite fast. Due to the large depth of cleaning, whitening is possible up to 12 tones, so it is possible to remove even stubborn tartar.

After the bleaching procedure, one should refrain from eating food containing dyes for at least one day and reduce the number of cigarettes smoked.