Fear of dental treatment is still a pressing problem. Many of us have an unpleasant shiver from the kind of bright office and chair, the doctor in the mask and the drill. How often do we think, waiting for our turn in the corridor: “Can it be until it’s too late? It does not hurt too much. “

The main fears and struggle with them

One thought about going to the dentist causes stress and mental torment in most people. Let’s look at the basic fears and dispel them.

Waiting for an event is worse than the event itself

Remember how it was before? To get to the reception to the dentist, it was necessary to take a coupon from the registry in the morning, to sit out a long queue in the corridor. At the same time, heart-rending cries are heard from behind the door, and the neighbor on the right tells the terrible stories of her treatment.

Those times are long past. Now the atmosphere of dental clinics helps to relax the patient and helps to overcome the discomfort associated with dental treatment:

  1. There is no need to sit in line. You can make an appointment at a convenient time.
  2. The calm environment of the office, music or watching a movie during treatment distracts attention from unpleasant procedures.
  3. The doctors in the rubberized aprons and elbow pads were replaced by attentive and benevolent specialists.

Dental treatment – it hurts

Fear of pain is a natural feeling. Not only does the tooth hurt, it will also be manipulated.

Dental treatment without pain is a reality. The level of dental services is growing. Frightening us drill vanished from the offices. They were replaced by new methods of treatment and high-speed machines. This makes the procedure for drilling teeth painless. A new generation of painkillers and syringes with thin needles, make the injection almost unrecognizable. If desired, you can anesthetize the very site of the injection with the help of special sprays or creams. Due to this, dental treatment became almost without pain.

Danger of infection

The age of information technology has brought us knowledge about AIDS, hepatitis and other infections transmitted through the blood. It is quite natural that many of us attend the fear of “picking up” something in the dentist’s office.

Such a danger really exists, but its probability depends on the clinic that you choose.

Dental clinic, which values its reputation, cares about the availability of disposable instruments in the required volume and responsibly approaches disinfection and sterilization. In such clinics, you are guaranteed safety.

Dentistry is expensive

There is an opinion that an ideal smile is expensive.

In fact, the cost of dental treatment depends on the severity of the problem and the level of the clinic. The abundance of offers on the market of dental services contributes to the formation of prices in a wide range. Everyone can choose a clinic that he can afford.

For example, dental treatment in Odessa will cost you from 30 to 2500 hryvnia.

Tips to help you overcome the fear of dental treatment

In conclusion, a few more tips for those who can not convince themselves to cross the threshold of dentistry.

  1. Do not tune yourself to the negative. Try to prepare yourself mentally and psychologically for a visit to the dentist.
  2. If you frankly tell the doctor about your fears and fears, he will pick up for you the best method of anesthesia and help you to relax psychologically.
  3. Make an appointment with a doctor at a comfortable time of day.
  4. Ask a loved one to go along with you. It will distract you from thinking about the upcoming procedures and give a sense of support.
  5. Find your “own” dentist. The doctor should suit you as an expert. This person you should trust.

Easy excitement before the procedure at the dentist is quite common. But, with the right approach, it quickly passes, and we understand that we have nothing to worry about.