One of the best medical center in Odessa – Galsi – celebrates its smallest anniversary. During this time, our medical center has achieved excellent results and achievements. In our clinic the health of your teeth is handled by a team of highly qualified specialists with many years of experience.

Стоматология в ОдессеWe use only high-quality and environmentally friendly newest materials, we constantly introduce innovative methods of treatment and prosthetics. For 10 years of work, we have established ourselves as a multi-disciplinary medical center for adults and children.

Healthy and strong teeth, snow-white smile is not only charm and beauty, but also a sign of healthy and proper care for teeth and oral cavity.

Regular visits to the dentist, prevention and treatment of oral defects will prevent serious problems with the teeth, until their destruction.

Combining the high quality of the provided medical services and affordable cost, our clinic was able to earn the trust of its patients. Customers trust us with the health of their teeth and come back to us again. Free consultation of our specialists will allow us to identify problems with teeth in a timely manner.

Types and cost of services

Our medical center offers a number of professional services:

  1. Diagnostics,
  2. Treatment of teeth and gums,
  3. Implantation and prosthetics of teeth,
  4. Preventive inspection,
  5. Cleaning and whitening of teeth,
  6. Braces,
  7. Children’s dentistry.

You can see the full description of the services on the clinic’s website. Also, there you can find many positive feedback about the work of our specialists and the quality of the services provided, and then you will have no doubt to visit our dental office.

The final cost of services depends on the amount of work done and the price of materials. Calculation of paid services is carried out according to the price-list. Prices will surprise you with their acceptability and accessibility, so any resident can afford to undergo treatment at the Galsi.

Children’s dentistry

The main difference between an adult doctor and a child is that he has to be a “dental psychologist”. Only a good pediatric dentist can findСтоматология в Одессе недорого the right approach to the child, then the whole process of examination and treatment will pass quickly and painlessly. Our sensitive doctors will help small patients without harming their psyche.

The advantages of our multidisciplinary medical center:

  1. High level of professionalism of doctors,
  2. We work only on a system of price-quality ratio,
  3. We use only modern methods of treatment and prosthetics,
  4. We carry out an integrated approach to treatment,
  5. Advanced technical equipment of the clinic, makes it possible to treat any complexity.

A good dentist is a person you trust in the health of your teeth. Turning to our medical center, you will find healthy and strong teeth. Call and sign up for a consultation!

We guarantee the quality of medical services provided.