The presence of caries in a woman during pregnancy is a bomb that can explode at any time.

Cyst during pregnancy

When tooth decay is not treated, you can bring the situation to periodontitis – inflammation of the root of the tooth. The body can independently block the spread of infection to the bone tissue, with the help of cyst formation. The cyst is a benign formation in the form of a fluid-filled bladder. Initially, education does perform a protective function against the spread of infection. If the process goes out of control, the consequences can be irreversible.

What threatens the formation of a cyst?

  • Bone tissue can become infected and the process of destruction begins;
  • Strong painful sensations;
  • The appearance of an edema with purulent filling;
  • The body temperature may rise.

Such symptoms are very dangerous for a pregnant woman, so urgent treatment of the tooth cyst is needed to not bring the situation to the fetus.

The only way to treat a cyst is to remove it. When the degree of defeat is not critical, the doctor may delay the operation until the end of pregnancy. Otherwise, it is necessary to intervene after the second trimester. From the security point of view, several alternative anesthetics without adrenaline have been developed to date, which can be used in the treatment of pregnant women. Dental treatment under general anesthesia during pregnancy is contraindicated. Also, X-rays with special protection and minimal irradiation are possible.

Our prices

There are several main reasons why people postpone consultation and dental treatment:

  1. Lack of free time in connection with work or other life’s troubles;
  2. Fear. It’s no secret that very many people are afraid of dentists and pain that may arise during the treatment;
  3. The cost. Stomatological services carry unforeseen monetary waste and until acute pains or external changes in the form of flux appear, people delay the trip to the doctor.

The family author’s medical center “GALSI” offers its patients treatment at the highest level. The team of the clinic is practiced by the best dentists with many years of experience: therapists, orthopedists, surgeons.

The cost of dental treatment is indicated on the official website of the clinic in the section “Services and Prices“, where you can choose the direction and the required service. Thus, you can immediately make a calculation of the money that will have to be spent on the occurrence of a particular problem.

It is necessary to know that one should not wait for pain and deep caries in the teeth. This is especially true for women who are planning a pregnancy or are already carrying a child. During this period, the female body is weakened, and all problems begin to bother and manifest during pregnancy.

Conducting a regular inspection and an immediate solution to emerging problems will protect against the formation of infectious diseases and surgical intervention.