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354 25.07.2019

Who is a gnathologist and why is he needed?

Gnathology is a relatively young subdivision of dentistry, which studies the dental complex consisting of masticatory muscles, teeth, periodontal and temporomandibular joint. As a science, gnathology studies the anatomical and geometric structure of the skull, the biological mechanics of the lower and upper jaws, the functions of sound pronunciation and chewing. Also, this science covers the relationship between the state of the spine, muscules, skeleton with teeth and jaw apparatus. (more…)

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382 27.05.2019

Dental X-ray is a first step to the high-quality treatment

Radiographic examination of the teeth allows the doctor to make an accurate diagnosis and carry out the correct treatment of a dental disease. This procedure is completely painless for the patient. In dentistry, X-rays are carried out in cases where there is a need to examine tissues or parts of teeth that are covered for eyes — the roots and intramaxillary cavities. (more…)

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556 15.03.2019

What is ceramic veneers and how they give a beautiful smile

The installation of dental veneers is a great way to restore a beautiful smile, ideal for people with gaps between the teeth, irregular shape and darkening of the enamel. It should be noted that this method of reconstruction is permanent, so before applying you should learn more about it. (more…)

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540 13.02.2019

Teeth restoration with photocomposite filling

The aim of modern dentistry is not only filling, but also restoring the function of the teeth and recreating their original shape. Getting rid of pain is only half the battle; each tooth must look aesthetically pleasing and assist chewing. (more…)

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22 18.01.2019

Oral hygiene

In the mouth cavity of every person live billions of different bacteria. Their active reproduction can cause some serious teeth or/and gum diseases. (more…)

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527 20.11.2018

Toothbrush as a profilaction tool against caries

One of the main means of preventing caries and many other diseases of the oral cavity (both teeth and gums diseases) is regular cleaning. It is advisable to brush your teeth after every meal, and always before bedtime. The quality of this procedure is half dependent on the toothbrush. (more…)

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