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Dentistry Services

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Unfortunately, dental problems became constant companions of modern people, and hence dentists are the most visited doctors. That’s why it’s very important to find highly-qualified and experienced specialist.

The best dentists, despite persisting stereotypes, won’t hurt you during procedures, and you will always feel comfortable in the dental chair. Choosing dentist on an ongoing basis, you can be sure, that there will be no unpleasant feelings, because you’re already familiar with your doctor, and he will do everything to maintain your health. 

There are a lot of dentistries in Odessa, but only Galsi dental center is one of the few places, where you can find a high quality of services and pleasant prices. Our clinic provides medical services for many years and all our staff, doctors and nurses, has extensive experience.

You can schedule an appointment for yourself or for the whole family. Our specialists are very attentive, so you can entrust us with the health of your’s teeth and gums. 

Our services

At the Galsi dental center you can submit to examination or treatment by the next specialists:

  1. Therapist – treatment of dental caries, pulpitis and gum diseases. General examinations, diagnostics, and therapy.
  2. Surgeon — radical surgical treatment of dental problems: tooth removal, cyst removal, preparations for implantation.
  3. Children’s dentist – treatment of children’s problems with teeth or gums. We guarantee individual and delicate approach to every child.
  4. Orthodontist – correction of teeth row irregularities, crooked teeth and overbite. 
  5. Orthopedist – implantation and prosthetics. 
  6. Hygienist – preventive and curative cleaning, teeth bleaching with modern methods.

Also, we offer unique curative procedures – plasmolifting and plasma therapy. Plasmotherapy is the most modern and the safest method of face skin rejuvenation. Plasmolifting can help you with gum and jaw-bone healing. This method helps to restore even severely damaged soft and hard tissues of the palates.

Contact us

Our regular customers are sure that only Galsi dental center can provide the best preventive and curative dental services. We welcome you to check it by yourself. Schedule an appointment for any comfortable time and date without standing in the queue, only by telephone call or using special form on our website.

You can also receive a free consultation by phone, as well as the information about current prices for services. Don’t postpone teeth treatment for another day – call the Galsi dental center and make the first step to the new beautiful smile.

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  • Ukraine, Odessa, Literaturnaya str. 12,
    Office 105
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