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Teeth restoration and prosthetics

At GALSI Dental Center in Odessa you will get a professional medical help whether you have a partial or a complete injury of you toothteeth.

  • Ceramic crown
  • Ceramic veneers
  • Relocation of the removable prosthesis

Take care of your teeth

Our orthopedist will provide consultation, diagnose and offer an optimal treatment plan depending on the condition of the oral cavity.

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  • Consultation of the orthopedist
  • Ceramic crown e.m a x
  • Ceramic veneers e.m a x
  • Relocation of the removable prosthesis on one jaw
  • Order a call back on other issues

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We guarantee the safety of your personal data. Your contacts will never be disclosed to third parties

Orthopedics: Put a smile on your face again

We all sooner or later face a problem like tooth loss. Someone has to remove a tooth through neglected caries, someone has bone tissues suffer as a result of injury, also loss of teeth can be connected with age-related changes.

What should you do to restore a good smile and chewy function?
An orthopedic dentist is a specialist in restorative and dental prosthetics. To date, there is a huge number of prosthetics methods, so an experienced and qualified orthopedist will be able to choose the appropriate cost and implementation option for both those who have a damaged one tooth and those who do not have a whole tooth row.

In the Galsi Dental Center you will receive professional medical assistance with partial or complete damage of teeth. Our orthopedists will provide advice, diagnosis and offer an optimal treatment plan, depending on the condition of the oral cavity.

We use advanced prosthetics (manufacturing of removable and non-removable structures) and materials from proven foreign manufacturers.
With partially damaged teeth, we recommend the following types of restorations: installation of crowns, inserts and linings (veneers or luminaries), the use of which allows you to maximize the body of the tooth.
In the absence of one or more teeth, implants with crown or bridge implants are installed.

All of these designs are non-removable, they completely simulate their own teeth and provide maximum comfort: you can confidently chew and smile. Just a few days after the installation, you will perceive the crowns and implants as "native".

In cases where there is not a large number of teeth, and there is no possibility to install implants, the dentist-orthopedist will offer removable prostheses - bulge or plate. Bugelnye with the help of special locks attached to the saved teeth, plate - directly on the jaw. It will take a little longer to get used to such structures, but modern technologies allow you to create quite comfortable and natural prostheses.

In order for the crown, implant or prosthesis to last as long as possible, it is necessary to conduct a thorough preparatory work - oral sanitation (damaged teeth are treated or removed) before installing them.

Professional dental prosthetics in Odessa is at GALSI Center