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The main task of the modern surgical dentistry is to retain andor reconstruct healthy tissues. Our specialists will do everything possible to retain your teeth.

  • Tooth extraction/removal
  • Implant installation

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GALSI Medical Center employs experienced specialists who have treated hundreds of patients of different age and conducted hundreds of different complicated operations.

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  • Removal of 8h teeth except impaction teeth
  • Simple tooth extraction
  • Complicated tooth extraction
  • Primary tooth removal
  • Implant installation of the B&B Dental system + veneer
  • Implant installation of the Nobel Biocare system + veneer
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We guarantee the safety of your personal data. Your contacts will never be disclosed to third parties

Surgery: Implantation in Odessa

Teeth removal and other surgery

In some cases, in the treatment of diseases of soft and hard tissues of the mouth (gums and teeth), it is impossible to proceed without the intervention of a dental surgeon. This specialist, which is sent to the need for surgical intervention, when conservative therapy is already powerless.
It is the surgeon who will help you if you need to remove the tooth or cyst or if there is a need for implantation of the teeth, and also when it is advisable to perform complicated dental-preserving operations. Thanks to innovative equipment, advanced gentle methods, effective medical preparations and high qualification of our doctors, all surgical procedures in our clinic are carried out as carefully and practically painlessly as possible.

What do we treat?
The main task of modern surgical dentistry is maximum preservation and, if possible, the restoration of healthy tissues. Our experts will do their best to keep your teeth. To extreme measures, such as removal, we resort only in the most hopeless cases, when the disease can not be stopped.

Medical center Galsi employs experienced dentists, on account of which hundreds of successful surgical operations of different directions and complexity, conducted on patients of different ages and health status.

We carry out painless partial and complete removal of teeth (including "wisdom teeth"), perform periodontal surgery (treatment of inflammation, which requires dissection of the gums), perform dental implants and other surgical procedures that allow to preserve and restore the dentition or stop pathological processes.

How do we cure?
The key to successful treatment is proper diagnosis, which allows you to make the right decision on the further actions of a specialist.
Before the appointment of any surgery, the patient undergoes a checkup, in which, if necessary, not only the surgeon but also other specialists, such as the orthopedist, participate. Serious attention is paid to the selection of anesthetics (individual contraindications are necessarily taken into account). Depending on the complexity of the operation, local or general anesthesia is used.

Our surgeons
The most objective assessment of the professionalism of any doctor is given by his patients. We are proud that after visiting the center Galsi many stop being afraid of visits to dentists and become our regular customers. We will be happy to help you cope with any dental problems!

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