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Dental therapy is a set of procedures that allow the patient to maintain the health of their own teeth and not spend huge funds on manipulating to restore a beautiful smile. One of the most common procedures in the dental treatment of our clinic in is the treatment of canals and the treatment of dental caries.

  • Photocomposite dental filing
  • Filling of the root canal
  • Temporary filling of the carious cavity

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It is very important to begin the fight with caries when it's on its initial stages. After all, if you do not carry out professional dental treatment, when tooth decay is still at the initial stage, the infection can penetrate the inside of the tooth and then a complex of more complex and expensive procedures may be needed.

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  • Anesthesia
  • Photocomposite dental filing
  • Filling of the 1st root canal of hot gutaperches
  • Temporary filling of the carious cavity with dentin paste
  • Order a call back on other issues

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Dentist-therapist can detect caries lesions at an early stage. Usually, in this case treatment is almost painless. It involves the installation of a seal, and in some cases, doctors can recommend the conduct of restoration of the tooth, that is, the restoration of its shape and color. If you do not turn to the doctor in time, then you have to treat the canals.

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We guarantee the safety of your personal data. Your contacts will never be disclosed to third parties

Treatment of periodontal disease in Odessa

Before starting treatment, dentist makes X-rays, to clarify the diagnosis. Upon confirmation of the diagnosis, clearing and expansion of the channels for their subsequent sealing are performed. After that, the dentist puts a medicine with a temporary seal, which is then replaced with a permanent one. In order to help the patient's body to cope with the infection, the doctor may prescribe the use of special medications or antibiotics.

Symptoms, in which cases the periodontologist needs services:
If you notice that:
✓ gums are bleeding or change the color (become pale or, on the contrary, turn red);
✓ the periosteum or connective tissue swell or, conversely, diminish in volume, exposing the tooth cervix;
✓ there was an unpleasant smell from the mouth
- Register for a dentist. Rarely, you will need to treat periodontal disease or periodontal disease. Our experienced specialists will help to identify the cause of the pathology and select the best treatment method at different stages of the disease.

Swelling, hypersensitivity, dental stones, divergence and teething are the main signs of paradontitis. Treatment is prescribed depending on the severity and degree of development of the disease. The general course of therapy includes the use of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents, in addition, a prosthetic may be required - for the restoration of the dentition. The method of prosthetics is selected individually.

Periodontitis is the last, most dangerous stage of inflammatory gum disease. If in due time do not seek medical assistance, the bone falls under the damage, the restoration of which is very problematic. Anxiety symptoms that accompany periodontal disease - redness and tenderness of the gums, bleeding, sensitivity to hot and cold food, in the unfinished stage - purulent discharge, shrinkage of the gums, exposure to the neck of the tooth. Gum treatment in this case begins with the removal of the dental stone (including curettage), the use of anti-inflammatory agents and bone-forming materials, the conduct of physiotherapy procedures. As a rule, it is additionally necessary to carry out the prosthetics of teeth (installation of crowns, prostheses, implants).

The Galsi Medical Center uses the most advanced prosthetics and anesthetics, as well as durable and safe materials. All patients are treated with care. We also provide guarantees for the services provided. Do not delay the visit to the periodontologist - the sooner you start treatment, the faster and cheaper you can restore the health and appearance of the teeth. We recommend that you take prophylactic reviews at least twice a year.