One of the most demanded dental services is prosthetics – a method of treatment, in which lost for various reasons, the teeth are replaced with artificial teeth. Modern medicine offers several options for carrying out such a procedure, each of which has its own characteristics and a different price. So, what is the value of dental prosthetics?

Types of dental prosthetics

There are several ways to replace lost teeth with artificial analogs. This is the installation:

  1. removable dentures – used in case of loss of all teeth. Constructions are attached to the gums and jaws through special plates of anatomical shape;
  2. non-removable – used to repair damaged dental tissue (temporarily), and also in the absence of several teeth;
  3. implants – implantation in the bone tissue of special pins (implants), which are reliably fixed and over time fused with the jaw.

The most expensive type of dental prosthetics (but the most durable) is the installation of implants. Their price, they justify completely, because they require replacement in very rare cases. The patient with dental implants after the period of adaptation ceases to practically feel their presence, does not feel any discomfort (which can arise with the wearing of prostheses of another type).

Material of prosthesis manufacture

Another significant factor in the formation of the final cost of modern dental prosthetics. Several types of materials are used:

  • ceramics;
  • metal;
  • cermet.

Metal crowns on the teeth were worn by our grandparents, this is the most democratic in the price form of dentures. Today, metal is rarely used, giving preference to ceramics or cermets: such products have not only a more attractive appearance, but are more comfortable to use, although, accordingly, are more expensive.

Method of installation of non-removable prosthesis and scope of work

The cost of this type of dental services, of course, affects the current state of your teeth. If the lesions are minor, the doctor can supply a crown replacing one or two damaged teeth. At more serious defects of a dentition there is a question on installation of the bridge – the design connecting several crowns series. Widespread recently received veneers – special thin plates, masking aesthetic defects of teeth – darkening of enamel, bite violation, chipped teeth.

Thus, the final cost of dental prosthetics in Odessa consists of several factors, the fundamental of which is the current state of your teeth. After a thorough examination, the doctor of our clinic will propose the optimal variant of prosthetics, which is most suitable for you individually. The main task at the same time is to provide the patient with a high quality of life and comfort in wearing the installed dentures, as well as solve the aesthetic problem. Keep track of your teeth, promptly seek help from a doctor and trust your health exclusively to professionals – such as experienced dentists at the GALSI!