One of the main means of preventing caries and many other diseases of the oral cavity (both teeth and gums diseases) is regular cleaning. It is advisable to brush your teeth after every meal, and always before bedtime. The quality of this procedure is half dependent on the toothbrush.

Few people know that such a familiar subject of hygiene, like a toothbrush, has an almost 250-year history. Handles for the first toothbrushes were made of bone, wood, or various metals (up to precious gold and silver). The bristles were also made from natural materials (for example, from boar bristles). Such brushes were far from perfect, as they dried for a long time and bacteria readily multiplied on them. The first toothbrush with a bristle of synthetic (nylon) fiber was manufactured by Oral-B.

Nowadays, besides the usual manual toothbrushes, you can also buy electric, sound and ultrasonic toothbrushes.зубные щетки для профилактики кариеса

The first electric toothbrushes was invented almost 70 years ago, and since then they have been constantly improving. They can vary in type of power source (built-in or plug-in batteries), the direction of movement of the bristles (reciprocating back and forth or vibrating up and down) and the speed of movement of the bristles (standard, sonic and ultrasonic).

  • Standard toothbrushes work only in a reciprocating mode and are the “slowest” and cheapest among electric toothbrushes.
  • Sound brushes work in the human hearing range (with the frequency of movements from 20 to 20000 Hz). Unlike standard, they can have several different modes (for example, cleaning and bleaching).
  • Ultrasonic brushes operate at a frequency of over 20000 Hz and are the most effective among all electric toothbrushes. Accordingly, they have the high cost. Thanks to the effects of ultrasound,  removal of plaque and the destruction of bacteria is the most effective among all electric toothbrushes.

In addition to the differences in the drive (manual or electric), toothbrushes are distinguished by the stiffness of the bristles, which can be hard, medium or soft.

Hard bristles can be found on toothbrushes designed for cleaning removable dentures. Medium hard bristles suitable for adults with healthy gums. Toothbrushes for children can only have soft bristles.

However, despite the wide variety of toothbrushes, it is not always possible to maintain the hygiene of the dental cavity on your own. Therefore, you should not neglect periodic examinations and visit your dentist at least once every six months.

Specialists of the “GALSI” will help you in maintaining the health and beauty of your teeth with the help of professional cleaning and whitening procedures. It is worth noting that professional whitening, in addition to cosmetic, has a therapeutic effect, since during the process dentist removes plaque, consisting of a bacterial film, and strengthens tooth enamel.